Hi, I’m Micsholla (pronounced Ma-sure-La) and I am the owner of this lifestyle blog encompassing Beauty, Makeup and Fashion – the ‘Go To’ woman here to inspire.  Now you’re wondering what’s with the name, right?  Well firstly as you can see I wear an ‘Afro’ hairstyle, the ‘Chick’ just got stuck as I was trying to come up with something creative (even though I’m the opposite, a mature woman) and ‘On-the-run’ means I am constantly busy….on the go with a busy life. “Interested, then keep on reading.”

About Me


FACT 1 – FASHION. I’m a sucker for all things fashion.  However, I only wear styles that compliment my body shape –  which is curvvvy and embrace the fact I’m NEVER going to be a size 8, not in a million years. I am a size 14 UK but for a long time refuse to go up a dress size because I had an issue with the number 14.. I’m a great believer in whatever size you are you have to work with what you’ve got, regardless – we’re only here for a short time!

FACT 2 – SKINCARE. Obsessed with skincare and a quest for the perfect skin which I don’t have, I share my reviews, favourite beauty products, luxury items and the latest beauty fixers, and trends. My skin fluctuates just like my weight – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad so I’m always questioning whether spending the extra coins is actually fixing the problem or creating more.

FACT 3. And finally one of life’s most rewarding job is that I’m a mother to a ‘Man Child’!

Micsholla xx

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Lifestyle is my thing!

Join me as I explore the latest Lifestyle trends that I enjoy!


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Join me as I reveal my tips and tricks to make you look absolutely fabulous x


Fashion is my thing! I will show you how to look good and feel good in my Fashion blog!

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