My addiction to Pretty Little Thing is beyond me. However the name is far to what it describes me, as I’m a mature woman wearing a demographic age bracket that dare I say caters to a much younger consumer, but that said I think I can still rock a number or two. I know I did the make up a little over the top in this look but during my usual happy bubbly self I was going out to have some fun. Here’s one of my favourites.
The clutch bag you see here is actually my YSL make up bag. I couldn’t find the right bag that night so just had to improvise and make do! Shoes are by Sam Elderman.


Another one of my favourites is this pink lace cut out dress – I’m not sure why at the moment but I seem to have a thing for lace dresses.




Micsholla is the owner of Afrochickontherun! She is a proud mother of a 23 year old man child and successfully juggles blogging, an executive career and running a busy London household x

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