I’m not a tights person, believe me!!! Even though I think they look sexy on a woman including suspenders, for me I’ve always had issues with them. I always felt either somehow restricted, I could never find the right size and the biggest issue as a woman of colour, the SHADE! Goodness me, how many times have I bought the wrong colour, or because I thought it was the closest match. During the last couple of years that’s all change with new designers, creators, business owners descending upon us like nowhere and the big brands starting to explore a bit deeper to capitalise on the ‘Woman of Colour’ who ‘newsflash’, er some of us do wear tights, just like we like to wear makeup, (another topic for discussion later). Meet Tahlia Gray, founder of Sheer Chemistry Tights – Her tights are curated for the women of colour and also every shade for all. Please check her out as her brand is doing big things! X




Micsholla is the owner of Afrochickontherun! She is a proud mother of a 23 year old man child and successfully juggles blogging, an executive career and running a busy London household x

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